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8 Days
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  • Mainly public
  • 3- & 4-Star hotels
  • Tokyo
  • Tokyo
  • Autumn
  • Self-guided
  • English
  • Breakfast included

Tokyo is a city that should be at the top of your travel list, whether you’re planning a quick trip or a longer vacation. With its blend of traditional and modern attractions, this vibrant metropolis offers something for everyone. From the historic shrines and temples to the bustling city streets and cutting-edge technology, Tokyo provides a unique and unforgettable experience. So, let us guide you through the must-see attractions of Japan´s Capital, ensuring that you make the most of your cityscape! Just grab your map and get ready to embark on an exciting tour of this captivating city.

Exploring Tokyo Top Attractions

Tokyo is a city that simply captivates all your senses. From the stunning architecture to the bustling streets, this city offers an experience like no other. Navigating the city´s bustling streets can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially for first-time visitors. In this introduction, we will provide you with some essential tips to navigate this metropolis and make the most of your visit. Also, check our post for useful tips on how to navigate Tokyo. One of Tokyo´s most iconic landmarks is the Tokyo Skytree. This is the tallest tower in Japan and deserves a visit at least once. Take the elevator up to the observatory deck and enjoy panoramic views of the sprawling metropolis below.

If you’re in search of the latest fashion trends and quirky stores, head to Shibuya. Immerse yourself in the electric energy of the area as you explore the endless shopping opportunities. No visit to Tokyo is complete without experiencing the grandeur of its temples. Senso-ji Temple, located in the Asakusa district, is one of the city’s oldest and most significant temples. Take a stroll down Nakamise Shopping Street, lined with traditional food stalls and souvenir shops, before reaching the temple’s impressive entrance gate. Inside, immerse yourself in the tranquil atmosphere and witness traditional rituals unfolding before your eyes. Whether you’re seeking a quiet spot to relax or a picturesque backdrop for a stroll, Shinjuku Gyoen has it all.

Unveiling Iconic Must-visit Landmarks

When it comes to iconic landmarks, Tokyo has plenty to offer. From towering skyscrapers to ancient structures steeped in history, these attractions are not to be missed during your visit. First on the list is the Tokyo Skytree, a stunning observation tower that dominates the city skyline. Standing at an impressive height of 634 meters, it offers panoramic views of the whole city and beyond.

Exploring Tokyo’s Rich Cultural Heritage: Museums and Temples

Alongside its impressive landmarks, the Japanese capital boasts a wide array of museums and temples that offer a glimpse into Japan’s storied past. One museum that stands out is the Tokyo National Museum, showcasing a vast collection of art and artifacts from all over Japan. Discover ancient pottery, delicate textiles, and breathtaking paintings as you explore the galleries. No visit to Tokyo is complete without experiencing the grandeur of its temples. Senso-ji Temple, located in the Asakusa district, is one of the city’s oldest and most significant temples.

Indulging in Tokyo’s Culinary Delights: Food Markets and Street Food

Besides Museums and temples, Tokyo is renowned for its diverse culinary offerings, ranging from traditional Japanese cuisine to international flavors. One of the best places to experience this gastronomic wonderland is the city’s bustling food markets. Tsukiji Fish Market, the world’s largest fish market, is a must-visit for seafood lovers. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere, witness the auction of fresh catch, and indulge in the freshest sushi and sashimi imaginable.

Unlocking Tokyo’s Modern Vibes: Futuristic Buildings and Shopping Districts 

This vibrant metropolis boasts an impressive skyline dotted with futuristic buildings that showcase the city’s cutting-edge technology and innovative designs. One of the most iconic landmarks is the Tokyo Skytree, the tallest tower in Japan. No trip to this metropolis is complete without exploring its vibrant shopping districts. Ginza is a shopper’s paradise, renowned for its high-end boutiques, luxury department stores, and chic designer brands. If you’re in search of the latest fashion trends and quirky stores, head to Shibuya. Known for its bustling Shibuya Crossing, this vibrant district is also home to trendy fashion boutiques, innovative streetwear brands, and unique concept stores.

Embracing Nature in the Heart of Tokyo: Parks and Gardens

While Tokyo is famous for its modern and futuristic side, the city also offers tranquility in the form of stunning parks and gardens. These green spaces provide an oasis of calm amidst the bustling metropolis, allowing visitors to connect with nature and find solace in their serene surroundings.

One of the must-visit spots is the beautiful Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. This vast park perfectly escapes the city’s hustle and bustle, offering picturesque landscapes, meticulously manicured gardens, and peaceful walking trails.

Trip Highlights

  • Shinjuku – Shinjuku Gyoen – Meiji Jingu – Shinjuku Golden Gai
  • Omoide Yokochō – Samurai Museum – Showa Period History
  • Shibuya Scramble Crossing – Shibuya Sky – Shibuya Mosque – Ropongi Hills
  • Kanda Shrine – Shinobazu no Ike Pond - Ueno Park
  • Imperial Palace – Shiba Park – Tsukiji Outer Market – Tokyo Skytree
  • Rikugien Gardens – National Museum of Nature and Science – Edo Tokyo Museum
  • Tokyo National Museum – Asakusa Hanayashiki – Kappabashi Dougu Street
  • Yanaka Ginza – Senso-ji – Asakusa Mosque – Asakusa Shrine – Nakamise-dori Street – Kabuki-za


- Shinjuku Gyoen - National Garden: Relax in beautiful gardens – Enjoy cherry blossoms - Have a picnic
- Meiji Jingu: Experience traditional Shinto shrine – Explore Meiji Jingu Inner Garden - Attend festivals.
- Shinjuku Golden Gai: Experience the nightlife - Enjoy the retro atmosphere.

- Samurai Museum: Learn about samurai history - Try on samurai armor - Watch sword demonstration
- Showa: Enjoy seasonal flowers - Rent bicycles – Visit the Memorial Park Japanese garden
- Omoide Yokochō: Experience retro atmosphere - Try yakitori and street food - Visit small bars and izakayas

- Shibuya Sky/Shibuya Scramble Crossing: Enjoy panoramic views of Shibuya - Visit the Rooftop observation deck - Try the Sky Slide
- Shibuya Mosque: perform prayer in Shibuya Mosque and meet with Islamic community in Tokyo, Shibuya
- Meiji Jingu Gaien: Visit during autumn for ginkgo trees -Attend sports events - Enjoy the wide boulevard.
- Roppongi Hills: Shop at luxury boutiques - Visit Mori Art Museum -Enjoy city views from Tokyo City View
- Kaminarimon: Enter through the iconic Thunder Gate – Explore Nakamise Shopping Street - Visit Senso-ji Temple.

- Kanda Shrine: Experience a historic Shinto shrine - Attend Festivals and events - Explore the surrounding neighborhood.
- Shinobazu no Ike Pond: Enjoy nature in Ueno Park - Rent a paddleboat - Visit the lotus pond in summer.
- Ueno Park: Visit Tokyo National Museum - Enjoy cherry blossoms - Explore Ueno Zoo

- Imperial Palace: Take a guided tour - Enjoy the East Gardens - Visit Nijubashi Bridge (Guided tour: English speaking guide)
- Shiba Park: Enjoy views of Tokyo Tower - Visit Zojoji Temple - Have a picnic in the park.
- Tsukiji Outer Market: Try fresh seafood - Shop for kitchenware - Visit the wholesale area early morning.
- Tokyo Skytree: Enjoy breathtaking views - Visit Skytree Town - Try Tokyo Skytree Solamachi

- Rikugien Gardens: Experience traditional Japanese garden - Enjoy Autumn foliage - Attend seasonal lightup events
- National Museum of Nature and Science: Explore natural history exhibits - Visit the planetarium - Attend special exhibitions
- Edo-Tokyo Museum: Learn about Tokyo's history – Explore interactive exhibits - Attend cultural events

- Tokyo National Museum: Explore Japanese art and artifacts – Visit Special exhibitions - Enjoy the garden (Guided tour: English speaking guide)
- Asakusa Hanayashiki: Experience Japan's oldest amusement park -Ride classic attractions - Try traditional snacks
- Kappabashi Dougu Street: Shop for kitchenware and restaurant supplies -Try plastic food samples - Visit specialty stores.

- Yanaka Ginza: Experience a traditional shopping street -Try local snacks - Visit Yanaka Cemetery
- Sensō-ji: Visit early morning - Try street food – Explore Nakamisedori Street
- Asakusa Shrine: Experience a historic Shinto shrine - Attend Traditional festivals - Visit the pagoda
- Nakamise- dori Street: Shop for traditional souvenirs - Try local street food -Visit Senso-ji Temple
Kabuki-za: Watch traditional kabuki performances – Rent English audio guides - Visit the Kabuki Gallery

The Trip Cost Includes

  • Seven (7) nights hotel accommodation in twin/double room sharing basis with daily breakfast in a hotel of your choice 3-Star or 4-Star.
  • Assistance & guidance for Halal and/or Muslim-friendly catering places, restaurants, etc.
  • Assistance & guidance for Salat/prayer services: masjids, mosques, and prayer premises
  • Round trip airport-hotel-airport transfers.
  • Two (2) X guided tours with an English-speaking guide: Tokyo Imperial Palace and Tokyo National Museum
  • Entrance/admission fees as per the itinerary program

The Trip Cost Excludes

  • Round-trip International airfares
  • Own travel insurance
  • Gratuities or tips to porters, doormen, tour guides, etc.
  • Excursions and activities besides the itinerary program.
  • Personal expenditures, such as telephone bills, drinks, souvenirs, laundry, mini bar, pay TV, etc.
  • Because of the daily changes in the currency rates, a certain adjustment may/will apply, if/when the depreciation exceeds 2.0%. The customers will be notified.
  • The tour is based on self-service principle except for the hosted events mentioned in the itinerary program
  • The hotel check-in time in Tokyo is usually around 3:00PM, and check-out at around 10:00AM. Early check-in or late check-out will lead to a surcharge.

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Tokyo Now -The Best of Halal Tour 8D7N
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