Who We Are?

Meet local people, get new friends, explore exciting places, taste new flavors, and get inspired. Make a “beautiful journey”, as Ulysses did. That is all about in Dintravel®. We are an online travel company, tour operator & DMC based in Helsinki, Finland. Dintravel® is a Registered Trademark® travel and tourism company and belongs to Diversity International Network, created in 2005 and from which derives the name DIN+Travel. Diversity International Network (DIN) summarizes our whole concept: we aim at maximum of Diversity in all our travel and tourism activities. International is the key thread of our business and we believe in the synergy of Networking.

What We Do?

We Specialize in Halal & Muslim-friendly Travel and Tourism. Thus, our services are exclusively Halal or Muslim-friendly. However, they are equally meant for Muslims and non-Muslims. That is our way to make people come together. Furthermore, we comply with the requirements of Halal finance. Hence, with us you are able to book and travel now and pay later without any extra interest charge.  

How We Do?

We work closely with our local professional travel and tour partner agencies at all our destinations. When you purchase a trip from us to any destination on our website, we immediately contact our local partner at that destination and prepare your trip down to the last detail, rigorously and on a personalized basis, so that we take your wishes and expectations into consideration and so that you get the most out of your trip and fully enjoy your journey.

We select our local partner agencies carefully and meticulously among the most credible, liable, trustworthy, and experienced local agencies. Moreover, they are always around to assist you at your destination. They handle all the ground operations at your destination on our behalf. They provide and assure the overall necessary ground logistics for a stress-free, pleasant, and successful tour, including ground handling, transfers, catering, coaching, and tour guide services. We simply want you to enjoy your trip fully, with peace in mind. 

What we Value?  

We Promote Sustainable and Responsible Travel & Tourism. At Dintravel®, we believe in the power of travel and tourism to connect people, regardless of their origin, ethnic, cultural, or faith backgrounds. Furthermore, travel and tourism should be a pattern for people to seek better mutual understanding, respect, and brotherhood. Tourism is at its best when it connects people, contributes to developing the local communities, and adheres to environmental integrity principles. Moreover, at Dintravel® we are fully committed to striving for sustainable, responsible, and equitable travel and tourism, without compromising the traveler´s right to own pleasure and comfort.

About Us and You

Our services are meant for individuals, couples, families, and groups. We provide all services related to travel and tourism including:

  • LCC (Low-Cost Carriers) and full-service airlines air tickets
  • All types of accommodation, including luxury resorts, hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, apartments
  • All types of tours and trips, no matter the length or the purpose of your trip, be it for business, vacation, leisure, or MICE
  • All types of transfers by private car, taxi and public transport as buses and metros
  • Travel visa be it for work, business, studies, or leisure
  • High Speed and Bullet train tickets such as the Shinkansen in Japan, Trenitalia in Italy, Renfe Ave in Spain, or TGV in France
  • Travel insurance for passengers as well as for luggage
  • Rental cars worldwide
Our Pledge

We aim at providing the best quality Halal travel and tour services worldwide at the best fares

Our Mission

We provide the best inclusive travel & tour services, including Halal trips worldwide, all online

Our Values

We are fully committed to striving for sustainable, responsible & equitable travel & tourism

Our Vision

We aim at becoming a leading Halal travel agency in terms of travel & tour services quality


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